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ADA For Lodging: Best Practices and Standards

DOJ Compliance Highlights

The following are highlights of regulations contained in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design and/or the U.S. Department of Justice regulations.

  • Comply with all 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design for new construction and remodeling projects. Make all efforts to comply in existing buildings, as is readily achievable.

  • All room-type options offered to the general public should also be offered as accessible room-type options. (e.g., one bedroom, two bedroom, suite, etc.)

Guest Room Dispersion

Provide choices of:

Factors to Consider:

Types of guest rooms

Room size

Number of beds

Bed size

Other amenities





Bathroom fixtures (hot tubs, spas)


Number of rooms provided


Connecting rooms

  • Reminder: No more than 10 percent of guest rooms required to provide mobility accessibility shall be used to satisfy the minimum number of guest rooms required to provide communication accessibility.

  • Transportation and hotel vans: If transportation services are provided accessible transportation must be provided. Vans of 15 passengers or larger are required to have a lift. If you have smaller vans then you must contract with a company for use as needed.

    • Accessible transportation availability should be included in staff training and available on your website.

    • If hotel transportation is provided without an additional fee, no fee can be charged for accessible transportation by the hotel or the contracted service.

  • Tax credits and deductions are available for remodeling projects including communication and transportation access (Sec. 44 & 190 of the U.S. Tax Code).


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