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ADA Business Brief - Restriping Parking Lots (2002)


Note: This document was published prior to the 2010 ADA Standards. All or part of the information in this document may only apply to Safe Harbored elements. See "ADA Compliance BRIEF: Restriping Parking Spaces (2015)", a similar document that was published in 2015 that includes guidance pertaining to the current enforceable Standards: https://www.corada.com/documents/ada-compliance-brief-restriping-parking-spaces/whole-document.

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ADA Standards for Accessible Design (28 CFR Part 36):

§ 4.1.6 Alterations;

§ 4.1.2 Accessible Sites and Exterior Facilities: New Construction,

§ 4.1.6 Parking and Passenger Loading Zones, and

§ 4.3 Accessible Route

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