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36 CFR Parts 1190 and 1191 ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines - Preamble (Discussion of Comments and Changes)

Comment. Section 216.11 requires identification of accessible check-out aisles. The proposed rule required that this identification be placed in the same location as the identifying number or type of check-out aisle. Commenters noted that not all check-out aisles are distinguished by numbers. They recommended that the guidelines should be revised to ensure access to each type of aisle serving a different function, such as express aisles or cash-only aisles.

Response. The requirement for identification of check-out aisles has been revised to require that accessible designations be located in the same area as the number, letter, or function identifying the check-out aisle. The proposed rule required that accessible designations are not required where "all check-out aisles in the facility are accessible." This provision, which is reformatted as an exception in the final rule, has been revised to apply where "all check-out aisles serving a single function" are accessible.


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