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ABA Accessibility Standard for GSA Facilities Pocket Guide

F219 Assistive Listening Systems

F219.1 General.

Assistive listening systems shall be provided in accordance with F219 and shall comply with 706.

F219.2 Required Systems.

In each assembly area where audible communication is integral to the use of the space, an assistive listening system shall be provided.

EXCEPTION: Other than in courtrooms, assistive listening systems shall not be required where audio amplification is not provided.

F219.3 Receivers.

Receivers complying with 706.2 shall be provided for assistive listening systems in each assembly area in accordance with Table F219.3. Twenty-five percent minimum of receivers provided, but no fewer than two, shall be hearing-aid compatible in accordance with 706.3. [ECTCR UFAS 4.1.2(18)(b)]

EXCEPTIONS: 1. Where a building contains more than one assembly area and the assembly areas required to provide assistive listening systems are under one management, the total number of required receivers shall be permitted to be calculated according to the total number of seats in the assembly areas in the building provided that all receivers are usable with all systems.

2.  Where all seats in an assembly area are served by an induction loop assistive listening system, the minimum number of receivers required by Table F219.3 to be hearing-aid compatible shall not be required to be provided.

Table 219.3 Receivers for Assistive Listening Systems

Capacity of Seating in Assembly Area Minimum Number of Required Receivers Minimum Number of Required Receivers Required to be Hearing-aid Compatible
50 or less 2 2
51 to 200 2, plus 1 per 25 seats over 50 seats1 2
201 to 500 2, plus 1 per 25 seats over 50 seats1 1 per 4 receivers1
501 to 1000 20, plus 1 per 33 seats over 500 seats1 1 per 4 receivers1
1001 to 2000 35, plus 1 per 50 seats over 1000 seats1 1 per 4 receivers1
2001 and over 55 plus 1 per 100 seats over 2000 seats1 1 per 4 receivers1

1. Or fraction thereof. 


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