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ABA Accessibility Standard for GSA Facilities Pocket Guide

1008.2.3 Water Play Components.

Accessible routes serving water play components shall be permitted to use the exceptions in 1008.2.3.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. Where the surface of the accessible route, clear floor or ground spaces, or turning spaces serving water play components is submerged, compliance with 302, 403.3, 405.2, 405.3, and 1008.2.6 shall not be required.

2. Transfer systems complying with 1008.3 shall be permitted to connect elevated play components in water.

Advisory 1008.2.3 Water Play Components. Personal wheelchairs and mobility devices may not be appropriate for submerging in water when using play components in water. Some may have batteries, motors, and electrical systems that when submerged in water may cause damage to the personal mobility device or wheelchair or may contaminate the water. Providing an aquatic wheelchair made of non-corrosive materials and designed for access into the water will protect the water from contamination and avoid damage to personal wheelchairs.


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