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2010 California Standards for Accessible Design (excerpts relating to Safe Harbors only)

Note: Portions of this document or referenced document qualify for 2013 CBC Section 11B-202.4, Exception 2, and all or part of this information may only apply to California “Safe Harbored” elements addressed in that Exception.


1117B.2 Telephones.

1117B.2.8 Telephone equipment for hearing impaired persons.  Telephones shall be equipped with a receiver that generates a magnetic field in the area of the receiver cap. All telephones required to be accessible shall be equipped with avolume control. In addition, 25 percent, but never less than one, of all other public telephones provided shall be equipped with avolume control and shall be dispersed among all types of public telephones, including closed circuit telephones, throughout thebuilding or facility. If banks of public telephones are provided, at least one in each bank shall be equipped with a volume control. Such telephones shall be capable of a minimum of 12 dBAand a maximum of 18 dBA above normal. If an automatic resetis provided, 18 dBA may be exceeded. Public telephones withvolume control shall be hearing aid compatible and shall be identified by a sign containing a depiction of a telephone handset with radiating sound waves.

ETA Editor's Note

The requirements of 2010 CBC 1117B.2.8 are similar to 1991 ADAAG 4.31.5.  The requirements of 2013 CBC 11B-704.3 are also similar to 2010 ADAS 704.3, and are more definitive than the earlier regulations.

ETA Editor's Note

Select portions of the 2010 California Building Code (2010 CBC) are provided for reference only. If you would like to see the 2010 CBC in its entirety, it is available for purchase from the International Code Council (http://www.iccsafe.org).


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