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2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Pocket Guide

810.6 Rail Station Signs.

Rail station signs shall comply with 810.6.

EXCEPTION. Signs shall not be required to comply with 810.6.1 and 810.6.2 where audible signs are remotely transmitted to hand-held receivers, or are user- or proximity-actuated.

Advisory 810.6 Rail Station Signs Exception. Emerging technologies such as an audible sign systems using infrared transmitters and receivers may provide greater accessibility in the transit environment than traditional Braille and raised letter signs. The transmitters are placed on or next to print signs and transmit their information to an infrared receiver that is held by a person. By scanning an area, the person will hear the sign. This means that signs can be placed well out of reach of braille readers, even on parapet walls and on walls beyond barriers. Additionally, such signs can be used to provide way finding information that cannot be efficiently conveyed on braille signs.

810.6.1 Entrances.

Where signs identify a station or its entrance, at least one sign at each entrance shall comply with 703.2 and shall be placed in uniform locations to the maximum extent practicable. Where signs identify a station that has no defined entrance, at least one sign shall comply with 703.2 and shall be placed in a central location.

810.6.2 Routes and Destinations.

Lists of stations, routes and destinations served by the station which are located on boarding areas, platforms, or mezzanines shall comply with 703.5. At least one tactile sign identifying the specific station and complying with 703.2 shall be provided on each platform or boarding area. Signs covered by this requirement shall, to the maximum extent practicable, be placed in uniform locations within the system.

EXCEPTION: Where sign space is limited, characters shall not be required to exceed 3 inches (75 mm).

Advisory 810.6.2 Routes and Destinations. Route maps are not required to comply with the informational sign requirements in this document.

810.6.3 Station Names.

Stations covered by this section shall have identification signs complying with 703.5. Signs shall be clearly visible and within the sight lines of standing and sitting passengers from within the vehicle on both sides when not obstructed by another vehicle.

Advisory 810.6.3 Station Names. It is also important to place signs at intervals in the station where passengers in the vehicle will be able to see a sign when the vehicle is either stopped at the station or about to come to a stop in the station. The number of signs necessary may be directly related to the size of the lettering displayed on the sign.


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