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2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Pocket Guide

703.7 Symbols of Accessibility.

Symbols of accessibility shall comply with 703.7.

703.7.1 Finish and Contrast.

Symbols of accessibility and their background shall have a non-glare finish. Symbols of accessibility shall contrast with their background with either a light symbol on a dark background or a dark symbol on a light background. [S.H. 4.30.7(1)]

Advisory 703.7.1 Finish and Contrast. Signs are more legible for persons with low vision when characters contrast as much as possible with their background. Additional factors affecting the ease with which the text can be distinguished from its background include shadows cast by lighting sources, surface glare, and the uniformity of the text and background colors and textures.

703.7.2.1 International Symbol of Accessibility.

The International Symbol of Accessibility shall comply with Figure 703.7.2.1.

Pictogram that shows the simplified profile of a person seated in a wheelchair.

Figure 703.7.2.1 International Symbol of Accessibility

703.7.2.2 International Symbol of TTY.

The International Symbol of TTY shall comply with Figure 703.7.2.2.

Pictogram of a TTY showing the keyboard and space bar typical of most devices and the shape of a telephone handset at the top.

Figure 703.7.2.2 International Symbol of TTY

703.7.2.3 Volume Control Telephones.

Telephones with a volume control shall be identified by a pictogram of a telephone handset with radiating sound waves on a square field such as shown in Figure 703.7.2.3. [S.H. 4.30.7(2)]

Pictogram of a telephone handset in profile with radiating sound waves.

Figure 703.7.2.3 Volume Control Telephone

703.7.2.4 Assistive Listening Systems.

Assistive listening systems shall be identified by the International Symbol of Access for Hearing Loss complying with Figure 703.7.2.4.

Pictogram with the shape of an ear and a bar diagonally across the shape.

Figure 703.7.2.4 International Symbol of Access for Hearing Loss


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