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2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Pocket Guide

306.2 Toe Clearance.


Figure 306.2(a) Toe Clearance: Elevation. Toes of a person in a wheelchair are shown extending for a maximum depth of 6 inches (150 mm) under an object that is 9 inches (230 mm) high minimum.

Figure 306.2(b) Toe Clearance: Plan. Toe clearance at an element, as part of clear floor space, shall extend 17 to 25 inches (430 to 635 mm) under the element. The clear floor space is 30 inches (760 mm) wide minimum.

Figure 306.2 Toe Clearance

306.2.1 General.

Space under an element between the finish floor or ground and 9 inches (230 mm) above the finish floor or ground shall be considered toe clearance and shall comply with 306.2.

306.2.2 Maximum Depth.

Toe clearance shall extend 25 inches (635 mm) maximum under an element.

306.2.3 Minimum Required Depth.

Where toe clearance is required at an element as part of a clear floor space, the toe clearance shall extend 17 inches (430 mm) minimum under the element.

306.2.4 Additional Clearance.

Space extending greater than 6 inches (150 mm) beyond the available knee clearance at 9 inches (230 mm) above the finish floor or ground shall not be considered toe clearance.

306.2.5 Width.

Toe clearance shall be 30 inches (760 mm) wide minimum.


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