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2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Pocket Guide

223.2.1 Facilities Not Specializing in Treating Conditions That Affect Mobility.

In facilities not specializing in treating conditions that affect mobility, at least 10 percent, but no fewer than one, of the patient sleeping rooms shall provide mobility features complying with 805.

ETA Editor’s Note:

This Access Board Note was taken from 35.151(h) New Construction and Alterations; Medical Care Facilities and 36.406(g) Standards for New Construction and Alterations; Medical Care Facilities.

Access Board’s Note to Reader:

The Department of Justice’s ADA standards also require the following:

Medical care facilities. Medical care facilities that are subject to this part [of the title III regulation or to this section of the title II regulation] shall comply with the provisions of the 2010 Standards applicable to medical care facilities, including, but not limited to, sections 223 and 805.  In addition, medical care facilities that do not specialize in the treatment of conditions that affect mobility shall disperse the accessible patient bedrooms required by section 223.2.1 of the 2010 Standards in a manner that is proportionate by type of medical specialty. 


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