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2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Pocket Guide

1008.3.1 Transfer Platforms.

Transfer platforms shall be provided where transfer is intended from wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Transfer platforms shall comply with 1008.3.1.

Figure (a) is an elevation drawing showing a transfer platform with a surface height 11 to 18 inches (280 to 455 mm) above the ground.
Figure (b) is a plan view of the platform having a depth of 14 inches (355 mm) minimum and a width of 24 inches (610 mm) minimum. A clear ground space that is 48 inches (1220 mm) long minimum is centered on this dimension parallel to the 24 in (610 mm) minimum long unobstructed side of the transfer platform.

Figure 1008.3.1 Transfer Platforms

1008.3.1.1 Size.

Transfer platforms shall have level surfaces 14 inches (355 mm) deep minimum and 24 inches (610 mm) wide minimum.

1008.3.1.2 Height.

The height of transfer platforms shall be 11 inches (280 mm) minimum and 18 inches (455 mm) maximum measured to the top of the surface from the ground or floor surface.

1008.3.1.3 Transfer Space.

A transfer space complying with 305.2 and 305.3 shall be provided adjacent to the transfer platform. The 48 inch (1220 mm) long minimum dimension of the transfer space shall be centered on and parallel to the 24 inch (610 mm) long minimum side of the transfer platform. The side of the transfer platform serving the transfer space shall be unobstructed.

1008.3.1.4 Transfer Supports.

At least one means of support for transferring shall be provided.


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