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Learn more at http://medicalaccessibility.com/

Two Products in One - Combines a height-adjustable exam table with an accessible weight scale to save money and save space.

Patient-Centered, Universal Design - Allows better preventive and diagnostic care for ALL patients, regardless of mobility.

Easier on Staff - Helps reduce injuries to staff caused by lifting and maneuvering patients onto tables and scales.

Good for Business - Attracts patients, streamlines patient flow and helps healthcare providers stand out from the crowd.

Enhances Privacy - Allows for patient weight and measurement to be taken in the exam room, rather than the hallway.

Tax Credit - ADA tax credit for qualified buyers brings compliance within reach.

ADA Compliance - Accessibility lawsuits are increasing. ADA compliance isn’t optional, and it’s the right thing to do. Medical equipment must be accessible to all patients. 

It's the Right Thing to Do - Brings dignity back to the exam room, enhances the exam experience for staff and patients, and improves compliance.

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