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Make A Hero - 'The Movement' - Adaptive Sports Film (04:01)

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYNKlc1nbgk

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UPDATE - In memoriam of Rick Finkelstein - http://www.makeahero.org/rick-finkels...

Donate to Make A Hero 501(c)3: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...

The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising. A documentary narrated by Robert Redford and ski movie legend Warren Miller, featuring stories of inspiring individuals with disabilities overcoming limitation, including Rick Finkelstein, paralyzed at Aspen CO, re-learning to ski after the tragic accident, on the slopes, which paralyzed him. 

"The mountains can be tough to access, even for the able body. This project tells the stories of five people, from all walks of life, who found a way to experience a freedom they were told was impossible. They are an inspiration." - Robert Redford. 

The Movement has been accepted in 20+ film festivals including Sundance, was nominated for 7 Maverick Movie awards, and has won 5 awards, to date.

The reception of Make A Hero's first film has led to the start of production (2013) of Make A Hero's second film, The Current, starring Missy Franklin, Mallory Waggemann, Bethany Hamilton, Anthony Robles, Jesse Murphree which will feature individuals with disabilities experiencing adaptive water sports, while enjoying the healing power of the ocean, with renowned oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau providing narration. 

MAKE A HERO MISSION: Inspiring national momentum for adaptive sports - through the creation of adaptive sports films and media content - Make A Hero grows awareness, educates the public, and generates support for individuals with disabilities.

Funding for Make A Hero (MAH) is provided through generous donor support, generated by way of individual donations, individual & team 'crowd-funding', as well as business sponsorships. 

MAH films create positive awareness of individuals with disabilities, educate the public, and inspire action; each contribution helps sustain this mission.

Make A Hero films can also be utilized as an innovative fundraising platform at adaptive sport group and non-profit organization events, as well as within school fundraisers, military & civilian rehabilitation centers, across the US. Utilizing Make A Hero films to 'Host A Benefit Screening', positively impacts the bottom line of any special events. Learn more by following this link http://www.makeahero.org/films-heroes... or by emailing Ricky@MakeAHero.org.

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