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Access Trax: Accessible Beach and Outdoor Event Mats

Access Trax: Accessible Beach and Outdoor Event Mats

  • Modular: Access Trax mats come in 36 in x 36 in squares that you can connect together in any configuration desired using our removable hinges. Make paths with turns, platforms, or straight-aways to make areas accessible for all people.
  • Lightweight: Each mat only weighs 5 lbs so you can comfortably take them with you wherever you go. Now that's accessibility at your fingertips!
  • Durable: The Access Trax mats are designed and made in the USA from durable high-density polyethylene with UV stabilizers for an accessible pathway that you can rely on for years to come. Access Trax mats are also recyclable!
  • Foldable: When mats are connected in a straight line, one person can simply accordion fold/unfold for setup and break down in seconds, giving you more time to focus on what matters.
  • Transportable: Access Trax mats fold and stack flat, making transport and storage simple and efficient. Our carrying strap solution is perfect for when you take your Trax on the airplane for travel!
  • Efficient: Access Trax is a versatile solution for most outdoor terrains including sand, grass, gravel, dirt, and even snow! Plus it is durable enough to be used temporarily or for long term public access and beaches or parks.
  • Cost-effective: Access Trax is the most cost-effective portable accessibility solution available. We are proud to make accessibility attainable for families, nonprofits, and government agencies around the world.

Product Descriptions

Access Trax® is the only modular, foldable, ADA-compliant portable pathway empowering people of all abilities to safely and easily access outdoor terrains such as sand, grass, gravel, and even snow. Access Trax is perfect for adaptive sports nonprofits, families, and government entities for reliable accessibility and inclusion. Take the pathway on your adventures or leave it out all season long! Access Trax was inspired by adaptive surfers and invented by occupational therapists passionate about accessibility and inclusion. We are here to provide Access for Life.


Key Specifications

CSI Division Number & Title
Access Flooring / 09 69 00
Access Trax