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NEW! "ADA Title II Action Guide of State and Local Governments" Has Been Released by the ADA National Network

Published: June 08, 2017 at 10:06AM

image of the action guide's table of contents

The New England ADA Center with the Institute for Human Centered Design recently released the updated, "ADA Title II Action Guide for State and Local Governments". 

Excerpt from the Action Guide

Each public entity must formulate an approach that best suits itself and the community it serves. There is no one approach to compliance.

Commitment by the public entity's senior political and executive leadership is essential and can be expressed in a variety of ways. A well-publicized public declaration of support or adoption of a formal policy statement can set a positive tone that facilitates staff involvement and promotes support and cooperation.

The Action Guide provides practical information for public entities to enter into compliance, information on appointing an ADA Coordinator, giving public notice, conducting self-evaluations, and developing a transition plan.

Find the Action Guide on Corada, where we have extensively tagged the publication, allowing you to further expand your knowledge base and find additional information and resources.