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NCMM Health Care Access Design Challenge 2017

Published: September 05, 2017 at 10:09AM

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The National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM), with funding from the Federal Transit Administration, is pleased to announce the Health Care Access Design Challenge 2017, a funding opportunity to assist seven communities in addressing health care access issues. A short description of this opportunity is given below; full information is available here (Word and pdf).


To a) support communities in designing ready-to-launch health care transportation solutions that improve access in each of the four challenge areas and b) disseminate results of the communities’ work to facilitate the implementation of solutions in part or in whole by other communities.

"These goals reflects NCMM’s vision of a nation in which transportation is always the link, and never the barrier, to health, vitality, and well-being of individuals, families, and their communities."

Four challenge areas

Communities may apply to address one of these four areas:

1. Treatment for chronic diseases that require continual, frequent appointments (e.g., dialysis, chemotherapy)

2. Treatment for acute, immediate, or unpredictable health care needs (e.g., sick visits, hospital discharge, medical appointments with uncertain end time, emergencies that do not qualify for ambulance transport)

3. Ongoing treatment necessary for post-hospitalization recovery and to help people avoid re-hospitalization

4. Behavioral health treatment, including substance addiction treatment

NCMM support

Selected community teams will receive funding of up to $30,000 and direct technical assistance from an NCMM facilitator.

Important dates

Aug. 21    Request for proposal announced

Sept. 5     Webinar for potential applicants (2:00 p.m. ET); register here.

Oct. 5       Applications due by 9:00 pm Eastern time