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Technical Memorandum TM 2012-07 Press Boxes

Technical Memorandum, 2012 TAS, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Architectural Barriers

TM 2012-07

Press Boxes

Effective Date: January 22, 2013

2012 TAS Reference: 206.2.7, Exception 1 and 2

The following clarifications are provided to address references to the terms "aggregate area" and "square feet" in 206.2.7, Press Boxes, Exceptions 1 and 2:

1. Aggregate Area. Based on 106.3 (Undefined Terms), the term "aggregate" is defined by collegiate dictionaries as taking all units as a whole.

Therefore, in the sense that the text implies, the aggregate area of a press box shall include toilet rooms, corridors, and any other areas, elements, and spaces located within the press box. In addition, it shall include filming platforms and observation decks when access to these areas is provided by stairs instead of ladders.

2. Square Feet. References to "square feet" shall mean gross square feet.

These clarifications have been confirmed by the Department with the U. S. Access Board and do not constitute a substantive change to the compliance requirements of 206.2.7, Exceptions 1 and 2.


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