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Guide to the ADA Standards

Recessed Objects

Objects can be recessed in alcoves so that they do not project more than 4” into circulation paths. Alcoves must be sized to accommodate required clear floor space at accessible elements.

Recessed drinking fountain with leading edge above 27" AFF

Recessed drinking fountain in plan view projects 4" max. from wall surface

Elements, such as wheelchair accessible drinking fountains, must provide a knee clearance of at least 27”. If located to provide, but not exceed this clearance (27” above the floor or ground absolute), they are not protruding objects because the leading edge will be within cane detection.

Hi-lo drinking fountain with higher unit enclosed by lower unit on one site and a wall bump-out on the other

A wheelchair accessible unit located 27” absolute above the ground or floor is cane detectable and can be used to enclose one side of high units for standing access. In this instance, the 27” height is effectively an absolute dimension because it is the minimum required for knee clearance and the maximum specified for cane detection.


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