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Guide to the ADA Standards

Pay Stations

Pay stations and other elements that serve accessible parking spaces must comply with requirements for operable parts (§309) and be served by an accessible route. Require-ments [sic] for operable parts cover clear floor space, operating characteristics, and location within accessible reach ranges. Operable parts that are used from inside vehicles, such as garage ticket dispensers at vehicle entry, are not required to comply with the Standards. However, under DOJ’s ADA regulations, policies or practices must be in place to accommodate persons with disabilities who are unable to use such devices.

Man using power chair at pay station

Requirements for operable parts include:

  • Clear floor space for a forward or side approach (§309.2)

  • Location within accessible reach ranges (§309.3)

  • One-hand operation without tight grasping, pinching, twisting of the wrist, or more than 5 pounds of force (§309.4)