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Guide to the ADA Standards

Clear Width [§405.5]

Ramp runs must have a clear width of 36” minimum (measured between handrails where provided). The width of ramps that are part of a means of egress may further be determined by applicable life safety codes and requirements for minimum exit widths greater than 36”.

36” min. clear width measured between leading edge of ramp handrails

Employee Work Areas
Common use circulation paths must be accessible in work areas 1,000 sq. ft. or more in size. Ramps on these circulation paths must comply except that:

  • the clear width can be reduced below 36” by work area equipment where it is essential to the work being performed (§405.5); and

  • handrails can be installed after construction, as needed (ramps must be sized so that the minimum clear width is maintained) (§405.8).


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