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Guide to the ADA Standards

Aisle Ramps in Assembly Areas

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In assembly areas, aisle ramps required to be accessible are exempt from some handrail requirements. Aisle ramps (or portions of them) adjacent to seating that are not part of a required accessible route to accessible seating or to other accessible elements do not have to comply with any ramp or handrail requirements.

Aisle Ramps in Assembly Areas

Aisle ramp with wall-mounted handrail on one side

Aisle ramps that are part of a required accessible route can have handrails on at least one side or within the aisle width instead of on both sides as required for other types of ramps. (§505.2

Aisle ramp with seating on both sides and center handrail that is discontinuous

Handrails on assembly area ramps can be discontinuous and lack extensions to allow access to seating and to permit crossovers within aisles. 505.3, §505.10)

Other handrails specifications, including those for height, clearance, gripping surface, and cross section, apply.


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