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FCC Consumer Guide: Video Description

How to access video description

Video description is provided through the TV or set top box "secondary audio"; feature, which some TV controls identify as "SAP"; or "secondary audio program."; The secondary audio may also be identified as a language feature, such as "Spanish"; or "SPA,"; because it is also used to provide Spanish or other language translations of English language TV programs. Depending upon the program being viewed, when listening to the secondary audio, you may hear the primary audio with video description, Spanish or other language translation, a duplicate of the primary audio, or silence.

Your TV user manual may provide information about activating the secondary audio feature, or you may contact the customer service department where you bought the TV or the customer service department of the TV manufacturer for assistance. If you have a set top box for subscription TV service, you may contact your subscription TV provider for assistance in activating the secondary audio.


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