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Note: This excerpt is only a portion of a larger, Referenced Standards document and out of context may not include all information needed for use. Also, it may not reflect the most current building code requirements. The Referenced Standard, in its entirety, may be available for purchase from the International Code Council at http://shop.iccsafe.org.

1007.8 Exterior area for assisted rescue.

The exterior area for assisted rescue must be open to the outside air and meet the requirements of Section 1007.6.1. Separation walls shall comply with the requirements of Section 704 for exterior walls. Where walls or openings are between the area for assisted rescue and the interior of the building, the building exterior walls within 10 feet (3048 mm) horizontally of a nonrated wall or unprotected opening shall be constructed as required for a minimum 1-hour fire-resistance rating with 3/4-hour opening protectives. This construction shall extend vertically from the ground to a point 10 feet (3048 mm) above the floor level of the area for assisted rescue or to the roof line, whichever is lower.

1007.8.1 Openness.

The exterior area for assisted rescue shall be at least 50 percent open, and the open area above the guards shall be so distributed as to minimize the accumulation of smoke or toxic gases.

1007.8.2 Exterior exit stairway.

Exterior exit stairways that are part of the means of egress for the exterior area for assisted rescue shall provide a clear width of 48 inches (1219 mm) between handrails.

1007.8.3 Identification.

Exterior areas for assisted rescue shall have identification as required for area of refuge that complies with Section 1007.6.5.


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