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Note: This excerpt is only a portion of a larger, Referenced Standards document and out of context may not include all information needed for use. Also, it may not reflect the most current building code requirements. The Referenced Standard, in its entirety, may be available for purchase from the International Code Council at http://shop.iccsafe.org.

1007.6.4 Instructions.

In areas of refuge that have a two-way emergency communications system, instructions on the use of the area under emergency conditions shall be posted adjoining the communications system. The instructions shall include all of the following:

  1. Directions to find other means of egress.

  2. Persons able to use the exit stairway do so as soon as possible, unless they are assisting others.

  3. Information on planned availability of assistance in the use of stairs or supervised operation of elevators and how to summon such assistance.

  4. Directions for use of the emergency communications system.


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