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Note: This excerpt is only a portion of a larger, Referenced Standards document and out of context may not include all information needed for use. Also, it may not reflect the most current building code requirements. The Referenced Standard, in its entirety, may be available for purchase from the International Code Council at http://shop.iccsafe.org.

1007.1 Accessible means of egress required.

Accessible means of egress shall comply with this section. Accessible spaces shall be provided with not less than one accessible means of egress. Where more than one means of egress is required by Section 1014.1 or 1018.1 from any accessible space, each accessible portion of the space shall be served by not less than two accessible means of egress.


  1. Accessible means of egress are not required in alterations to existing buildings.

  2. One accessible means of egress is required from an accessible mezzanine level in accordance with Section 1007.3 or 1007.4.

  3. In assembly spaces with sloped floors, one accessible means of egress is required from a space where the common path of travel of the accessible route for access to the wheelchair spaces meets the requirements in Section 1024.8.


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