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Comparison: 2010 and 1991 ADA Standards for Accessible Design - Scoping Requirements

This document on scoping requirements and its companion document on technical requirements were created as references to understand the differences between the 1991 and the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The documents only include sections of the Standards that are new or different.

These documents are intended as informal guidance; they have not been reviewed by any federal agencies.

227 Sales and Service

1991 Standards for Accessible Design

2010 Standards for Accessible Design

What’s New/Different

7.3 Check-out Aisles

Exception: In alterations, at least one check-out aisle shall be accessible in facilities under 5000 square feet of selling space. In facilities of 5000 or more square feet of selling space, at least one of each design of check-out aisle shall be made accessible when altered until the number of accessible check-out aisles of each design equals the number required in new construction.

227.2.1 Altered Check-Out Aisles. Where check-out aisles are altered, at least one of each check-out aisle serving each function shall comply with 904.3 until the number of check-out aisles complies with 227.2.

Change: 5000 square feet no longer taken into consideration.


227.5 Queues and Waiting Lines. Queues and waiting lines servicing counters or check-out aisles required to comply with 904.3 or 904.4 shall comply with 403.



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