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11B-206 Accessible routes

11B-206.1 General. Accessible routes shall be provided in accordance with Section 11B-206 and shall comply with Division 4.

11B-206.4.10 Medical care and long-term care facilities. Weather protection by a canopy or roof overhang shall be provided at a minimum of one accessible entrance to licensed medical care and licensed long-term care facilities where the period of stay may exceed twenty-four hours. The area of weather protection shall include the passenger loading zone complying with Section 11B-209.3 and the accessible route from the passenger loading zone to the accessible entrance it serves.


Section 11B-206.4.10 requires a minimum of one accessible entrance to be provided with weather protection, passenger loading zone, and vehicle pull-up space. The code does not require more than one entrance with these features.

1. The protected accessible entrance is not required to be the primary entrance to the facility.

2. Only the passenger loading zone is required to be protected from the weather. The vehicle pull-up space is not required to be protected from the weather.

3. For existing buildings that do not have a protected accessible entrance, projects subject to Section 11B-202 are not required to provide one. A protected accessible entrance is required when an addition is proposed for a facility that does not have an existing protected accessible entrance. The protected accessible entrance may be provided at the addition or at an appropriate location in the existing building.


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