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ADAAG Manual

Grab Bars [4.20.4] and Controls [4.20.5]

Controls must be within reach from outside the tub and cannot interfere with the use of the grab bars. Tracks on the tub rim are not allowed as they can interfere with the transfer to tub seats. Dual grab bars on the back wall are needed for transfer to the seat and into the tub.

Section diagrams showing grab bar and controls requirements at a bathtub

Seats at the head of the tub are limited to a 15 inch depth so that back support is available from the side wall (which is why grab bars cannot be placed on the seat wall). Dual grab bars on the back wall must extend to the edge of the seat for use in transferring to the seat and for lowering oneself into the tub where one is able to do so. Recommendation: A hose for shower spray units longer than the required minimum of 60 inches is recommended for easier use of the shower spray unit from the seat.

Section diagrams showing grab bar and seat requirements at a bathtub


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