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Responsibility for supervision and care of a service animal. The 1991 title III regulation, in § 36.302(c)(2), states that ‘‘[n]othing in this part requires a public accommodation to supervise or care for a service animal.'' The NPRM modified this language to state that ‘‘[a] public accommodation is not responsible for caring for or supervising a service animal.'' 73 FR 34508, 34553 (June 17, 2008). Most commenters did not address this particular provision. The Department notes that there are occasions when a person with a disability is confined to bed in a hospital for a period of time. In such an instance, the individual may not be able to walk or feed the service animal. In such cases, if the individual has a family member, friend, or other person willing to take on these responsibilities in the place of the individual with a disability, the individual's obligation to be responsible for the care and supervision of the service animal would be satisfied. The language of this section is retained, with minor modifications, in § 36.302(c)(5) of the final rule.


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