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ADA For Lodging: Best Practices and Standards


Great Plains ADA Center Website: http://www.gpadacenter.org
We created this document to assist your compliance efforts and your customer base. Contact us for any clarifications or assistance. 573-882-3600


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Guidance on the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design

  • 2010 Standards for Accessible Design

  • Title III Technical Assistance Manual

  • Expanding Your Market: People with Disabilities Mean Business

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Assistance from ADA Centers

Take advantage of disabilities organizations in our community and on the regional and national level that have export knowledge of ADA requirements and the needs of individuals with disabilities. Involving the disability community in decision making and learning from their feedback is an important part of the movement toward the highest level of inclusion. Your regional ADA Center, a part of the ADA National Network, is an excellent resource. These Centers can provide facility review assistance and awareness training for staff.


In Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska, the Great Plains ADA Center is available to assist all of your compliance efforts.

Phone: 573-882-3600    Web: www.gpadacenter.org

Great Plains ADA Center logo

The ADA National Network is available by telephone or online.

Phone: 1-800-949-4232    Web: www.adata.org

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