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ABA Accessibility Standard for GSA Facilities Pocket Guide

F234.4 Existing Amusement rides.

Where existing amusement rides are altered, the alteration shall comply with F234.4.

Advisory F234.4 Existing Amusement Rides. Routine maintenance, painting, and changing of theme boards are examples of activities that do not constitute an alteration subject to this section.

F234.4.1 Load and Unload Areas.

Where load and unload areas serving existing amusement rides are newly designed and constructed, the load and unload areas shall comply with 1002.3.

F234.4.2 Minimum Number.

Where the structural or operational characteristics of an amusement ride are altered to the extent that the amusement ride's performance differs from that specified by the manufacturer or the original design, the amusement ride shall comply with F234.3.


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