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ABA Accessibility Standard for GSA Facilities Pocket Guide

F226 Dining Surfaces and Work Surfaces

F226.1 General.

Where dining surfaces are provided for the consumption of food or drink, at least 5 percent of the seating spaces and standing spaces at the dining surfaces shall comply with 902. In addition, where work surfaces are provided, at least 5 percent shall comply with 902.

EXCEPTIONS: 1. Sales counters and service counters shall not be required to comply with 902.

2. Check writing surfaces provided at check-out aisles not required to comply with 904.3 shall not be required to comply with 902.

Advisory F226.1 General. In facilities covered by the ABA, this requirement applies to work surfaces used by employees. Five percent, but not less than one, of permanently installed work surfaces in each work area must be accessible. Permanently installed work surfaces include, but are not limited to, laboratory and work benches, fume hoods, reception counters, teller windows, study carrels, commercial kitchen counters, writing surfaces, and fixed conference tables. Where furnishings are not fixed, Sections 501, 503, and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, provide that Federal employees, employees of Federal contractors, and certain other employees, are entitled to “reasonable accommodations.” This means that employers may need to procure or adjust furnishings to accommodate the individual needs of employees with disabilities on an “as needed” basis. Consider work surfaces that are flexible and permit installation at variable heights and clearances.

F226.2 Dispersion.

Dining surfaces and work surfaces required to comply with 902 shall be dispersed throughout the space or facility containing dining surfaces and work surfaces. [ECTCR UFAS 5.1]


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