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2022 California Standards for Accessible Design Guide (effective January 1, 2023)


ETA Editor's Note

This Guide contains only the excerpts from California Building Code Chapter 30 that are adopted by Division of the State Architect - Access Compliance (DSA-AC). To see the entire Chapter, consult California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 2 - 2022 California Building Code (2022 CBC), available for purchase from International Code Council (http://www.iccsafe.org).

3001.4 Accessibility.

Passenger elevators and platform (wheelchair) lifts required to be accessible or to serve as part of an accessible means of egress shall comply with Sections 1009 and either Chapter 11A for applications listed in Section regulated by the Department of Housing and Community Development or Chapter 11B for applications listed in Section 1.9.1 regulated by the Division of the State Architect─Access Compliance.


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