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Note: This document or portion of document references a state or local code that aligns with the 2010 ADA Standards requirements.

11B-308.2 Forward reach

11B-308.2.1 Unobstructed.

Where a forward reach is unobstructed, the high forward reach shall be 48 inches (1219 mm) maximum and the low forward reach shall be 15 inches (381 mm) minimum above the finish floor or ground.

A side view is shown of a person suing a wheelchair reaching toward a wall. The lowest vertical reach point is 15 inches minimum and the highest is 48 inches maximum.


11B-308.2.2 Obstructed high reach.

Where a high forward reach is over an obstruction, the clear floor space shall extend beneath the element for a distance not less than the required reach depth over the obstruction. The high forward reach shall be 48 inches (1219 mm) maximum where the reach depth is 20 inches (508 mm) maximum. Where the reach depth exceeds 20 inches (508 mm), the high forward reach shall be 44 inches (1118 mm) maximum and the reach depth shall be 25 inches (635 mm) maximum.

two sketches, side by side; the left one is labeled as A and the right one is B; Figure (a) shows a person seated in a wheelchair reaching a point on a wall above a protrusion, such as a wall-mounted counter, which is 20 inches deep maximum. The maximum reach height is 48 inches. In figure (b), the obstruction is more than 20 inches deep, with 25 inches the maximum depth. The maximum reach height is 44 inches.



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