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Note: This document or portion of document references a state or local code that is stricter than the 2010 ADA Standards requires.

11B-405.2 Slope.

Ramp runs shall have a running slope not steeper than 1:12.

Exception: Reserved.

[2010 ADAS] EXCEPTION: In existing sites, buildings, and facilities, ramps shall be permitted to have running slopes steeper than 1:12 complying with Table 405.2 where such slopes are necessary due to space limitations.

Table 405.2 Maximum Ramp Slope and Rise for Existing Sites, Buildings, and Facilities


Maximum Rise

Steeper than 1:10 but
not steeper than 1:8

3 inches (75 mm)

Steeper than 1:12 but
not steeper than 1:10

6 inches (150 mm)

1. A slope steeper than 1:8 is prohibited. 

[2010 ADAS] Advisory 405.2 Slope. To accommodate the widest range of users, provide ramps with the least possible running slope and, wherever possible, accompany ramps with stairs for use by those individuals for whom distance presents a greater barrier than steps, e.g., people with heart disease or limited stamina.

 ETA Editor's Note

Lacking the Exception at 11B-405.2, CBC is more stringent at existing ramps than 2010 ADAS.


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