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Note: This document or portion of document references a state or local code that aligns with the 2010 ADA Standards requirements.

11B-1007.3 Miniature golf holes.

Miniature golf holes shall comply with Section 11B-1007.3.

11B-1007.3.1 Start of play.

A clear floor or ground space 48 inches (1219 mm) minimum by 60 inches (1524 mm) minimum with slopes not steeper than 1:48 shall be provided at the start of play.

11B-1007.3.2 Golf club reach range area.

All areas within holes where golf balls rest shall be within 36 inches (914 mm) maximum of a clear floor or ground space 36 inches (914 mm) wide minimum and 48 inches (1219 mm) long minimum having a running slope not steeper than 1:20. The clear floor or ground space shall be served by an accessible route.

[2010 ADAS] Advisory 1007.3.2 Golf Club Reach Range Area. The golf club reach range applies to all holes required to be accessible. This includes accessible routes provided adjacent to or, where provided, on the playing surface of the hole.


A plan view shows a person using a wheelchair reaching a golf ball. The wheelchair space is 48 inches long minimum and 36 inches wide minimum, having a running slope not steeper than 1:20. The golf ball are is 36 inches maximum from the wheelchair clear space.

Note: Running Slope of Clear Floor or Ground Space Not Steeper Than 1:20

FIGURE 11B-1007.3.2


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