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2012 Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction Pocket Guide

707.6.2 Numeric Keys. Numeric keys shall be arranged in a 12-key ascending or descending telephone keypad layout. The number five key shall be tactilely distinct from the other keys.

Advisory 707.6.2 Numeric Keys. Telephone keypads and computer keyboards differ in one significant feature, ascending versus descending numerical order. Both types of keypads are acceptable, provided the computer-style keypad is organized similarly to the number pad located at the right on most computer keyboards, and does not resemble the line of numbers located above the computer keys.


Figure (a) shows a 12-key ascending layout with “1” in the upper left corner, such as a telephone.  Figure (b) shows a descending layout with “7” in the upper left corner, such as a computer numeric keypad.

Figure 707.6.2 Numeric Key Layout


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