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2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Pocket Guide

609.2 Cross Section.

Grab bars shall have a cross section complying with 609.2.1 or 609.2.2.

609.2.1 Circular Cross Section.

Grab bars with circular cross sections shall have an outside diameter of 1¼ inches (32 mm) minimum and 2 inches (51 mm) maximum.

609.2.2 Non-Circular Cross Section.

Grab bars with non-circular cross sections shall have a cross-section dimension of 2 inches (51 mm) maximum and a perimeter dimension of 4 inches (100 mm) minimum and 4.8 inches (120 mm) maximum. [S.H. 4.26.2]

Figure (a) shows a handrail with an approximately square cross section and figure (b) shows an elliptical cross section.  The largest cross section dimension is 2 inches (51 mm) maximum.  The perimeter dimension must be 4 to 4.8 inches (100 to 120 mm).

Figure 609.2.2 Grab Bar Non-Circular Cross Section


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