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2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design Pocket Guide

Primary Function.

[35.151(b)(4)(i)] & 36.403(b)]

A major activity for which the facility is intended. Areas that contain a primary function include, but are not limited to, [the customer services lobby of a bank, 36.403(b)], the dining area of a cafeteria, the meeting rooms in a conference center, as well as offices and other work areas in which the activities of the public accommodation or other private entity using the facility are carried out. Mechanical rooms, boiler rooms, supply storage rooms, employee lounges or locker rooms, janitorial closets, entrances, corridors, and restrooms are not areas containing a primary function. [Restrooms are not areas containing a primary function unless the provision of restrooms is a primary purpose of the area, e.g., in highway rest stops. 35.151(b)(4)(i)(A)


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