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(d) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, as a covered foreign air carrier, you must accept the supplied electronic assistive devices in this paragraph (d):

(1) A POC, a ventilator, a respirator or a continuous positive airway pressure machine that displays a manufacturer's label according to FAA requirements in circumstances where requirements for labeling these devices have not been set by the foreign carrier's government; and

(2) The following POC models whether or not they are labeled:

(i) AirSep Focus;

(ii) AirSep FreeStyle;

(iii) AirSep FreeStyle 5;

(iv) AirSep LifeStyle;

(v) Delphi RS-00400;

(vi) DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo;

(vii) Inogen One;

(viii) Inogen One G2;

(ix) Inogen One G3;

(x) Inova Labs LifeChoice;

(xi) Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox;

(xii) International Biophysics LifeChoice;

(xiii) Invacare Solo2;

(xiv) Invacare XPO2;

(xv) Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator;

(xvi) Oxus RS-00400;

(xvii) Precision Medical EasyPulse;

(xviii) Respironics EverGo;

(xix) Respironics SimplyGo;

(xx) SeQual Eclipse;

(xxi) SeQual eQuinox Oxygen System (model 4000);

(xxii) SeQual Oxywell Oxygen System (model 4000);

(xxiii) SeQual SAROS; and

(xxiv) VBox Trooper Oxygen Concentrator.


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