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Corada Product Certification Impartiality

Impartiality, confidentiality, and integrity are key commitments in providing certification services. We strive to provide a reliable Product Certification Program that identifies accessible products because consumers, specifiers, architects, building officials, and others have a need to know which products are accessible. Manufacturers who submit products for review in our program receive the same opportunities to have their products analyzed in an objective and timely manner.

Our Impartiality Board plays an important role in helping us keep impartiality an integral part of Product Certification. Conflicts of interest must be identified and removed or mitigated to ensure that certification decisions are accurate. The board assists us in ensuring that Certification decisions are based on objective evidence and that all certification activities are carried out in an impartial manner.

Impartiality Board

Our Impartiality Board is comprised of independent parties from key interest groups, including:

Key Responsibilities

The Impartiality Board provides oversight to help us maintain objectivity and remove any activities that might negatively influence the certification process. The key responsibilities of the Impartiality Board are to help us stay on track with our goal to provide high quality, unbiased certification reviews. The Impartiality Board:

Develop Safeguards

The Impartiality Board assists senior management in revising impartiality safeguards and identifying any tendency to allow commercial or other considerations to prevent the consistent, objective provision of certification activities. The safeguards are protections to ensure valid, reliable product certifications. As revisions are identified, the Impartiality Board makes recommendations so that the changes are included in the certification process.

Risk Analysis

Our Impartiality Board is involved in ongoing risk analysis to identify, eliminate, or minimize impartiality risks within the Corada Product Certification Program. Risks to impartiality are sources of potential bias that may compromise, or may reasonably be expected to compromise, the ability to make unbiased decisions associated with certification outcomes.

Decision on Appeals

The Impartiality Board provides oversight for complaints and appeals. This process is handled internally by our Committee on Complaints and Appeals. Any unfavorable ruling on an appeal may be reviewed by the Impartiality Board. The Board will investigate the appeal and deliver a final decision.

Monitor Risk Elimination and Mitigation

The Impartiality Board is also responsible for monitoring the risk elimination and mitigation measures that have been identified in order to ensure their implementation and success. Our senior management, along with the Impartiality Board, makes decisions regarding risks to impartiality that cannot be eliminated or mitigated.

Monitor Associate Training on Impartiality

We hold our associates to high standards in the performance of certification activities. Our Impartiality Board reviews the onboarding process and annual training to ensure that all associates understand and follow the guidelines of Corada Product Certification's Impartiality Policies and Procedures.

Impartiality Board Members

Karen Braitmayer
2019 AIA Recipient of
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Award
Member, U.S. Access Board
Bill Zelmer
Program Manager, Physical Access and Regulatory Affairs at Sutter Health
Former Board President, Certified Access Specialist Institute
Marsha Mazz
Director, Accessibility Codes and Standards at United Spinal Association
Former, Director of the Office of Technical and Information Services for the U.S. Access Board
Carroll Pruitt
Former, Accessibility Professionals Association Board of Directors President
Former, Regional Manager of the International Code Council