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Webinar: Ask the Department of Justice (DOJ): Open Question and Answer Session

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT, June 12, 2018   |   Organized by: Department of Justice and the Great Lakes ADA Center


Tuesday, June 12, 2018
2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone

Do you have a burning question regarding the non-discrimination in programs and services provisions of the ADA? Is there a policy or procedural issue that you are confused about? Do you have questions about service animals vs emotional support animals under the ADA? Are you clear about what constitutes undue hardship under the ADA? What are the guidelines regarding the provision of VRI versus Sign Language Interpreters during medical or professional services appointments? Join us for this popular session where you will have an opportunity to ask your question. We will be accepting questions in advance of the session. The first 25 questions submitted will be given priority and then we will take questions “live” during the session as well.

Representatives from the Disability Rights Section, U.S. Department of Justice 

Questions for presenters:

  • Can an individual have multiple service animals?
  • Is a court required to provide accommodation for a potential juror who has indicated that he is "morbidly obese" and can only serve if accommodations (as yet unidentified) are provided?
  • What accommodations does a city government have to provide for access to information i.e. if the codified ordinances will not download and they claim not to have printed copies? Moreover, can it be considered a disability issue if a city official that you need to conduct business with is repeatedly not there when you go in to the city building to handle issues (like applying for a permit), if they keep telling you to come back at another time, and refuse to make appointments. Is this something that can be addressed as ADA non-compliance?

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Registration Dates

May 01 - Jun 11, 2018