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U.S. Access Board Accessible Signage (A refresher) Webinar

2:30 pm EDT October 06, 2016   |   Organized by: United States Access Board


This session will provide a refresher on requirements in the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards for signs. Presenters will review provisions that address visual access, tactile signs, required access symbols and other pictograms.

Questions for presenters:

  • Could you provide some information on EXIT signage. Are they required to be posted in the same manner as other permanent signs? Do they need to have braille? If it's not an accessible exit does it need to be identified other than with a ceiling exit sign?

  • A local city park is being made more accessible. What types of signs need to be made accessible? There is the name at the entrance. There is the general information sign about the park, including history of the area and the person for whom it was named, maybe 6 feet by 4 feet. There is a bronze plaque on a stone in the ground. There are signs identifying some places to frequently see certain types of birds (in other words, good bird-watching spots). There are signs identifying some of the plants. There might be donation recognition plates on benches or other items in the park.

Continuing Education Recognition Available

  Name Units
  AIA CES 1.5
  Certificate of Attendance 1.5
  LA CES 1.5

Dave Yanchulis, Coordinator of Public Affairs

Office of Technical and Information Service, US Access Board

Paul Beatty, Accessibility Specialist

Office of Technical and Information Service, US Access Board


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