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SSB Bart Group Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM) Series: Regulatory, Fiscal Management and Development Lifecycle Dimensions

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm EDT, August 18, 2015   |   Organized by: SSB BART Group (SSB)


Date/Time: Tuesday, August 18th - 2-2:45pm ET

Location: Webinar


Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM) Series: This free webinar series will offer a comprehensive look at SSB's proprietary Digital Accessibility Model (DAMM). DAMM provides a clear and concise method for measuring the proficiency of accessibility programs. The model is split into ten core dimensions (and three additional dimensions in DAMM-HR) which define key areas which an accessibility program must effectively and completely implement in order to attain success. Each of these dimensions are, in turn, divided into a set of aspects (sub-dimensions) which successful programs must also master at each level of maturity, and include related artifacts (documents, activities, objects or elements developed and maintained as part of an accessibility program).

Regulatory, Fiscal Management and Development Lifecycle Dimensions: In depth review of the Regulatory Dimension which measures the maturity of documentation required by statute, regulation, or is part of a settlement agreement, consent decree, or other legal proceeding; the Fiscal Management Dimension which measures maturity in analyzing and implementing accessibility investments; and the Development Lifecycle Dimension which measures the extent to which accessibility is included and defined in development lifecycle activities.


Sheri Byrne-Haber, J.D., M.B.A

For the last eleven years, Sheri Byrne-Haber has worked with individuals with disabilities to achieve equal access and reduce barriers to services. As an Accessibility Policy Analyst at SSB BART Group, Sheri is responsible for maintenance and extensions to SSB’s proprietary Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM), a concise method for measuring the development of accessibility programs. With a background in computer science and law combined with an ADA Coordinator Certification, Sheri consults organizations on the creation, modification, and implementation of accessibility compliance, auditing, and monitoring policies.