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Corada Pro FAQ's

How do you pronounce "Corada Pro"?
Say it like "Co-’rah-dah"
Can I trust the quality of the accessibility evaluations in Corada Pro?
Absolutely! To help public organizations and ADA consultants achieve a high standard of ADA compliance and best practices, we partnered with highly regarded accessibility leaders Irene Bowen, former Deputy Chief of the Disability Rights Section at the Department of Justice, and Evan Terry Associates.
Can consultants use Corada Pro?
Yes! Corada Pro was developed to help both organizations and consultants evaluate, manage, and track ADA Compliance efforts.
Can I use Corada Pro to perform an ADA Self-Evaluation?
Absolutely! Corada Pro is the industry's first software to facilitate the Self Evaluation process required by Title II of the ADA and the Rehab Act. We've crafted a simple and intuitive interface to make it easy for you to establish, track, analyze and improve your organization's ongoing ADA compliance efforts.
Can I use Corada Pro to perform an ADA Transition plan or physical accessibility surveys?
Corada Pro does not currently support facility audits to document physical barriers for people with disabilities.
Is there anything to download or install?
No, Corada Pro is web-based and runs in the cloud. Corada Pro works in all major, modernized web browsers.
Is there a mobile app for Corada Pro?
No, not at this time, but it works on any browser-equipped device.
How often do you release updates?
All the time! We release small tweaks and bug fixes on a weekly basis. Major feature releases are announced through our email blast. There is nothing to install, no effort on your part, and no interruption to your work. We handle all the IT headaches for you.
What is a “Program” in Corada Pro?
A program is a service or activity that is offered to the public by your organization. All subscription prices include unlimited programs.
What is the difference between a Task and Red Flag in Corada Pro?
A “Red Flag” is a policy or practice that is likely to result in the exclusion of people with disabilities from programs or services and is clearly prohibited by the ADA and/or presents a vulnerability for litigation. Red Flags should be remedied as soon as possible. Corada Pro automatically identifies “red flag” issues as questions are answered.
What happens if I delete a Department or Program?
When you delete a department, the system also permanently deletes all programs, program surveys, and uploaded files associated with that department.
Can I restore a deleted Department or Program?
No, not at this time. Deleting a department or program is permanent.
Can I audit my team's evaluation progress in Corada Pro?

Site Security & Accessibility

How secure is my data?
Corada cares about the protection of your data and we work to ensure our system is always up to date with the latest security practices. Your data and files are transmitted through SSL encryption both to and from your web browser (just like major online retailers and banks).
Is Corada Pro accessible?
Corada Pro was built with the same core values and dedication to accessibility. We crafted an inclusive user experience and developed all content and features using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) with Level A compliance at a minimum and Level AA where possible. Our goal is a fully accessible and inclusive product, so we welcome your feedback if you encounter any accessibility issues. Please email us at: support@corada.com.
Is Corada Pro PCI compliant?
Yes! We comply with PCI standards to safely and securely accept, store, process, and transmit cardholder data during credit card transactions.

Accounts and Users

How many users can I invite?
As many as you need! There isn't a limit to the number of users you can add to your organization.
Can I control access to my data?
Yes, you can determine the levels of access each of your invited users have by assigning user roles.

Data Import/Export and Reporting

Are there reports in Corada Pro reports?
Yes! Corada Pro includes a host of pre-built reports to cover a wide range of your data reporting needs. You can view your departments or programs’ Evaluation Progress, Red Flags, Outstanding ADA Tasks, and overall ADA Compliance health.