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Corada's ADA Product Certification FAQs

What is Corada Product Certification?

Corada Product Certification removes the uncertainty and frustration in identifying accessible products by providing an independent, third-party analysis to determine those products that meet specified requirements for accessibility. Through Corada’s interaction with architects, contractors, designers, specifiers, and building officials, it became clear that there is a great need for people to quickly and easily identify accessible products. The ISA symbol, often printed on product packaging or other advertising by manufacturers, is misleading because it does not indicate compliance with accessibility standards and codes. This lack of a trusted and reliable verification has left consumers and ADA professionals wondering which products are really accessible. To meet this need, Corada developed the Corada Product Certification program.


Who can apply for Corada Product Certification?

Any product manufacturer can apply for certification. You can apply here.


How much does it cost to get a product certified?

The cost for certification varies depending on the complexity of the product and the certification level selected. Our certifications start at $900.


How long does it take to get a product certified by Corada?

The time frame for reaching a decision on certification varies depending on the complexity of the product and the certification level selected. A manufacturer can generally expect a ruling on certification in three to six weeks.


Does Corada have different levels of certification?

The Corada Product Certification program offers three levels of certification, Standard, Silver, and Platinum.

Each level represents compliance with various standards, regulations, and codes.


Does Corada follow guidelines in issuing certifications?

Yes. The Corada Product Certification program follows the guidelines of the International Accreditation Service (IAS) for Certification Bodies. These guidelines require adherence to ISO 17065, the international standard for products, processes, and services. In addition to following these requirements, the Corada Advisory Board and the Corada Impartiality Board serve as independent bodies to advise and monitor the activities of the Corada Certification Program.


Certification Details

How can I determine which certification level I need?

In making this decision, manufacturers should consider whether their products will be sold in states that have state-specific standards and codes.

The Corada Standard certification level includes the 2010 ADA Standards and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Standard, but does not include the state-specific requirements.

Silver certification includes the 2010 ADA Standards, the ABA, and the state-specific requirements for California, Florida, and Texas.

But, only the Platinum certification includes the 2010 ADA Standards, Architectural Barriers Act Standard, CA, FL, and TX state-specific standards, and the ICC A117.1-2017.


Why are the states of California, Florida, and Texas the only states included in Corada’s certification program?

California, Florida, and Texas have accessibility requirements that extend beyond the ADA. It is important for manufacturers who sell products in these states to not only comply with the requirements of the ADA, but also meet the stricter state requirements.


What are the steps for a manufacturer to get a product certified?

Manufacturers must provide product information to Corada, including the fee for a product review. This information may include the following:

  • Specification sheets
  • User manuals
  • Installation instructions
  • Advertising collateral
  • Product media
  • Product
  • Product packaging


What is the certification process?

The assessment process, also called Product Certification Review, involves four steps:

  • Evaluation
  • Product Review
  • Decision on Compliance
  • Awarding of Certification.

Learn more about the Product Certification Process.


What happens if a product does not pass the Corada Product Certification program?

Corada will notify the manufacturer and identify the reasons for the certification failure. After making corrections, the product can be resubmitted to Corada along with the review fee.


If a product does not pass certification, can Corada’s decision be appealed?

Yes. Our company strives to provide detailed, thorough, and accurate reviews of all products submitted. If there is a concern about a decision on certification, manufacturers can submit an appeal. A senior technical analyst, along with the Corada Committee on Complaints and Appeals, will review the appeal and re-analyze all information. If the manufacturer is not satisfied with the results of the appeal, a 2nd appeal can be submitted. This appeal will be reviewed by the Corada Impartiality Board, an independent body of ADA professionals, who will make a determination on the 2nd appeal.


Does Corada perform surveillance on certified products?

Yes. Corada performs surveillance on certified products, including websites, product literature, packaging, and any other information that relates to the certified product.


How can I verify if a product is still certified?

Manufacturers may promote the certification of their products through advertising in product literature and on their website. Verification of a product’s certification can be found on the Corada website through a search of the following:

  • Certification ID (shown with the Product Certification Mark)
  • Product Name
  • Product Model Number

For Corada Certified Products, the certification status, along with other information, will be displayed, such as “Active”, “Suspended”, “Terminated”, or “No longer available.”


What does it mean for a certification to be suspended?

When a product is no longer in compliance with Corada’s certification requirements, Corada will suspend the certification. The manufacturer will be given a timeframe in which to correct the problems that resulted in the suspension. During a product’s suspension, the manufacturer may continue to use the Product Certification Mark.

Learn more about the Product Certification Process.


What does it mean for a certification to be terminated?

If a manufacturer of a suspended product does not correct the problems that resulted in the suspension within the timeframe indicated by Corada, the product’s certification will be terminated. This results in the loss of the right to use the Product Certification Mark for this product. After correcting the problems that resulted in the termination, the manufacturer may pursue certification again by going through the certification process.

Learn more about the Product Certification Process.


How can I let Corada know about an accessibility problem with a certified product?

Complaints or comments can be entered on the Corada website. We value all input, whether from customers who use the products we’ve certified or from our clients.

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