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DSA in California Announces Detail Library Access Coming Soon

Published: August 10, 2016 at 12:08PM

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From the California Department of General Services website: "The Division of the State Architect is pleased to announce the upcoming release of an online library of California Building Code (CBC) compliant accessibility details. The details will help to ensure the consistency and code compliance of construction-related accessibility features. As a convenience to design professionals, the details will be provided in AutoCAD format so that designers can modify them as necessary for specific uses.

The initial library of details will be compliant with the 2013 CBC. Details will be added as they are developed, and the library will be updated as future codes become effective. Instructions for accessing the library will be announced in the near future."

Go here for more details and don't forget that if you are a Premium or higher Corada user, you can access the CBC on Corada!