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Donate to ELeVATE

Published: March 01, 2016 at 4:03PM

ELeVATE = Experiential Learning for Veterans in Assistive Technology and Engineering

Help the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) raise $10,000 to support two veterans for the summer 2016 session of ELeVATE, a holistic transition program that supports veterans interested in STEM careers and educates faculty and staff on how to prepare veterans for success.

Help us support Veterans! Donate to ELeVATE!

Why ELeVATE is important:

Think back to your first day of college.  It was probably filled with excitement, along with a healthy dose of anxiety.  Now, try to imagine what that first day is like for someone transitioning from the military, perhaps someone who was wounded or injured in the line of duty.  ELeVATE is a three-phased program to assist wounded, injured, and ill veterans with the transition into a science, technology, engineering (STEM) program of study, with a special emphasis on assistive technology and engineering.

ELeVATE participants engage in experiential learning, rehabilitation counseling, mentoring, academic preparation and career exposure activities.  The components are designed to increase self-efficacy and outcome expectations which help participants achieve their performance goals as they enroll in and complete engineering and technology degree programs, and pursue a graduate degree or employment in engineering and technology.

How You Can Help:

Your contribution will help cover the living stipends for two veterans during the 10-week on-campus portion of the ELeVATE program.  Funds raised above our goal will be applied to stipends for other ELeVATE participants.

Please donate by April 7, 2016!

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