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Corada‘s Best in Accessibility Lists - FAQs

How do I nominate someone for Corada‘s Best in Accessibility Lists?

Nominations for the class of 2020 closes on June 30, 2020. You just need your nominee’s name and e-mail address. If your nomination becomes a finalist, you may be asked to write a brief explanation of why you think they should be named to the Best in Accessibility Lists. Then we will go straight to the source and get all the information we need directly from the nominee.


Can I nominate more than one person?

You can nominate as many 3 people per category. You can nominate colleagues, friends, family members, or someone you know through their work in the community.


What will happen if I’m nominated but I don't complete the nomination form?

If you have been nominated as one of the Best and you choose not to complete the nomination form, you will be declining the recognition and your information will not be sent to our judges for consideration.  Remember, though, that someone nominated you for the award because they thought you deserved the recognition. 


How are the Best in Accessibility Lists selected?

Nominees with the highest composite scores for a category are added to Corada‘s Best in Accessibility Lists for the year. Every nominee receives a composite score based on their total number of nominations for the category plus their category score.

Category Score: each category has a ranking (Best in Class, Very High Regard, and High Regard) with an assigned value. All rankings are totaled to make up the nominee's category score.

The shortlist is sent to our Board of Advisors who are made up of leaders in the community. The Board of Advisors will individually submit category scores that are added to the nominee’s total score.


The form asks if I consent to being contacted for more information. Is signing up for these lists mandatory?

The form asks if Corada can contact you for several different reasons: for more information, to let you know when the list is available and to receive our newsletters. You are not obligated to agree to receive any further information from Corada or our partners and agreeing or not agreeing is not a factor considered when we judge the nominees. However, we would like to let you know who has been selected on a Best in Accessibility List. Remember, you can unsubscribe from all contact from Corada at any time.


When will I find out if I have been selected for a Best in Accessibility List?

Only those who are selected for this year’s Best in Accessibility Lists will be contacted. The Best in Accessibility Lists will be announced starting in August.


What happens if I am selected?

Congratulations! You will be contacted by the editorial department of Corada to arrange for an interview. If you plan on being away for any length of time between July and the middle of September, please notify the editorial department when you are contacted.


If I am selected, can I be disqualified?

Yes. Corada reserves the right to remove nominees from the Corada‘s Best in Accessibility Lists at any time for any reason, including but primarily if any of the information submitted in the nomination package is found to be inaccurate.


Can I tell all my friends and family that I am in the Best in Accessibility Lists?

Yes! Your selection to one of Corada’s Best in Accessibility Lists may be posted on any forum, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


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